Leaping forward as a response-ability in the moment of fractious acceleration is best embraced as a stepping into collective acceleration. Forming into and out of the collective is an interruption of the supremacy of the individual. It recognizes that the time of reliance and dependence on selected individuals to lead has long passed. Instead, we are called to collective stewardship of the whole.

Movement Work in Water

An indigenous child understands there is no more honorable and important a role than to be a Water Protector.  We are in a time requiring many to aspire and act as Water Protectors. Understanding our relationship to water - not just as a consumer of an endless resource - is essential. Without clean water, there is no life. In places where the well-being and future of water and communities are threatened, how may we proactively join in collective action?  What is your Water IQ in the place you live? Where does your drinking water come from? How healthy is your community's water and who tends to her well-being? Without water, there is no life. We take up this work to support the flow of life. 

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Pivots in Action

Healing through rejoicing in the fullness of who we are

Maji ya Chai Land Sanctuary is building an intentional space of nature-based healing, restoration, and thriving in the region of Minnesota’s North Shore. It is an emergent place-based project of governance, storytelling, and land stewardship.

Coming into stewardship of our aquifer, because water is life

Malama I Ka Wai is focused on securing clean and pure water in Hawai’i, now and for future generations. The special relationship that island people – native or not – have with our water is our strongest felt connection to the ‘āina. We face and meet our collective responsibility to mālama the water so that the water may mālama us.

Facilitating reconnection to spirit and humanity

Spiritual Alchemy’s community of spirit doulas assess and cultivate individual and organizational human-spirit quotients, opening up pathways for healing and mutual thriving. The depth and vibrancy of connection to spirit — wholeness of ourselves and the interconnectedness of all living beings — is directly related to our potential for positive impact and transformation.