Medicine baskets

Linda Eagle Speaker created and filled four medicine baskets, as a kindred offering. Each holds a sacred medicine, sweetgrass, cedar, sage, and tobacco. Together with our tears and our stories these medicines provide what we need to heal our spirits and mend the arc.


My traditional gifted Blackfoot name is "Holy Medicine Shining Women" I carry this name proudly as 7th generational Ceremonial Herbalist for my Blackfoot people since the young age of three. I currently have ceremonial knowledge of 125 different sacred medicines handed down through countless generations on my mother's Blackfeet side. In my American Indian community located in Minneapolis, MN I am recognized as gather, planter, and provider of the four sacred medicines used by many diverse tribes, sage, sweet grass, cedar, and tobacco. My primary responsibility is to provide sacred medicines to the Healers, Medicine people and American Indian agencies located in the Twin Cities.

Photography by Suzanne Koepplinger; Catalyst North Consulting

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