War Robe

Is my war robe

What jacket are you wearing?
What are you covering up?

Authenticity is not stuck
In time and place,
But growing

One is in the many
And the many is in the one
Accept the complexity
But do not lose yourself,
Including the me
That includes the we

What is next?
What is next?

What is the way forward
as democracy falls?
Or do we fight to a draw?
We know without reconciliation
There is only violence.

What are you called upon to do?
That is consequential.

Build for impermanence
Build ways and means,
Not institutions

Wear your change
As a living heritage

by Omar Bronson

June 29, 2022


As part of "In the Art of Waging Peace, The Heart Is Everything" Booklet

Omar Brownson – Poetry

Los Angeles , CA / Tongva Lands 

These words are a practice of listening with the heart. I share them with the spirit of love and in service to peace. 


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