Habits: A Clinic in Collective Acceleration

We have habits – unconscious, repetitive patterns. Habits successfully keep us in the status quo. That is their function.Habits have served us well. They are our shields, defenses, and weapons. Habits are reflexive and arise naturally in response to predictable conditions.Changing course, pivoting, leaping, questioning deeply and activating transformation... begin by recognizing and interrupting habits.

Illustration of humans and other beings including fish, water, deer, mountains, and trees, with the words "Living in Mutuality" and "Governance & Stewardship."

Common Habits that Constrain Collective Acceleration:

  • Short-term goals; short-term thinking
  • Incremental thinking
  • Speaking to the choir
  • Defining our work by that which we oppose
  • Defining our campaign plans in funding cycles
  • Predictability; “go-to” plans and strategies
  • Reliance on process
  • Reliance on structure
  • Compartmentalizing; containerizing
  • Choice avoidance

Illustration with humans moving together along a corkscrew-shaped pathway, with the words Acceleration and Compression. Other written elements include "HEAR Ancestors Urgent Messages,"  "Plant deep, move slow," REFLECT.

Practices that Buoy Collective Acceleration

  • Making room and time for leaps
  • Eyes on the horizon
  • Discovering and creating the story of the horizon
  • Align strategies with the horizon
  • Re-membering as we go, tending to our wholeness, consciousness, wellness
  • Move! with the ready, the willing, the open
  • Go big (the small and middling take as much work as the big)
  • Focus, focus, focus
  • Move quickly and commit to the long path
  • Engage in collective evolution with boldness and integrity

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Images are part of a Collective Acceleration narrative graphic by Claudia Lopez

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